We chose the name Alba as an inspirational word to represent bright, white smiles and new beginnings. In Latin Alba means bright or white and is found in many modern day languages meaning dawn or sunrise that brings bright clear light with the new day.

The brainchild of Dr Karen Harris, Dr Karen noticed her clients weren’t aware of the many simple ways to improve and maintain their smiles — because smiles are for everyone.

Dr Karen wanted to give clients easier access to smile information so she created ALBA Smile lounge. A place for clients to get free information with a relaxed chat about having a great smile.

Drop in and talk to our Smile advisers about what we can do for you. We’ll give you an assessment and a plan. Book online or drop in and chat.

“We hope to make your smile New and White and right for you!”

Whether you choose to make your smile new, or just want simple advice on the right electric toothbrush or floss, we’re here to help.

Alba Smile Lounge Ltd is proudly NZ owned and operated.